Choose the correct item

1. How ….. you suggest such thing to me knowing that I hate it? A. must B. may C. should D. dare 2. I’ve just watered the flowers! - You ….. them. Look, it’s raining now. A. didn’t have watered B. needn’t have watered C. couldn’t have watered D. mustn’t have watered 3. There was no choice for me, so I ….. agree to everything they offered. A. should B. ought to C. had to D. could 4. – I can’t find my bag anywhere. -You ….. it in the shop. A. mustn’t have left B. should have left C. had to leave D. might have left 5. As there’s no hurry, you ….. do it at once. A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D. can 6. You ….. the bathtub after you’ve used it. A. can clean B. mustn’t clean C. needn’t have cleaned D. shouldn’t have cleaned 7. You …… Angela at the party. She was at home working at her English. A. might have seen B. can’t have seen C. must have seen D. should have seen 8. Collin doesn’t want to go swimming with his friends because he is afraid he …. drawn. A. may B. should C. will D. must 9. The book is very valuable. You ….. lose it. A. needn’t B. can C. may D. mustn’t 10. ….. I take this book? - Certainly, but you ….. give it to anybody. A. Could, might B. May, can’t C. Should, needn’t D. Can, might 11. I ….. read the letter twice before I understood it. A. had to B. ought to C. must D. could 12. You ….. our team play! You have missed a lot. A. could see B. should have seen C. had to see D. must have seen 13. The man wasn’t old. He ….. more than fifty. A. mustn’t be B. could have been C. can’t have been D. should be 14. Belinda ….. spent all the money. She can’t pay the rent. A. might have B. must have C. should have D. can’t have 15. Greg ….. his aunt to the station himself last night because he can’t drive. A. can’t have driven B. must have driven C. should have driven D. couldn’t have driven 16. You ….. apologized to Diana as you were impolite to her. A. shouldn’t have B. should have C. needn’t have D. can’t have 17. When Tracy woke up in the morning, the light was on. She ….. to turn it off. A. must have forgotten B. could have forgotten C. should have forgotten D. might forget 18. You ….. make notes in the books. It’s prohibited. A. can’t B. needn’t C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t 19. I ….. go to the library, as I had all the books I needed. A. mustn’t B. didn’t have to C. needn’t D. couldn’t 20. Harry ….. at work till ten, so he ignored his alarm clock. A. mustn’t be B. couldn’t be C. didn’t have to be D. shouldn’t be